11 best easy ways you can make money online right now!

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Everyone wants to earn money, No matter you can be a student, You can earn. Nowadays everyone needs money to fulfill their needs, now you can be an unemployed person looking for a job again you can be a student whether middle class or lower middle class or poor people.

there are many easiest ways to fulfill your dream by working home through the internet.
So, Today I’m gonna tell you the 11 easy ways you can earn online. You just need to have a computer and internet connection.

11 ways to get benefited from online:

1. Start a money-making blog

People who have the skills of writing and who love to write then start writing with a niche focus.
start a money making blog
Ok, Do you have any expertise/experience in any specific niche? so you can share your advice through the blog. For example, you have expertise in Car driving. Now, you have a niche to start blogging that you have some knowledge about that, it is high time to create your own website with WordPress or blogger.
There are several ways to earn money through a blogging site, you can monetize your website with ad networks such as Adsense, You can strategically monetize your website with AdSense by placing ads. And the sponsored post is another way and it’s popular to make money from a specific brand.
You can sell affiliate products by placing affiliate links on your blog site.

2. Sell Photography

If you love to snap pictures but don’t know that you can sell your images? You can monetize your pictures in many ways. If you have a good camera with a good lens then monetize all your favorite images which you have clicked through the best website called Shutterstock. Even you also can make revenue with the smartphone if it has a nice camera quality, sell smartphones photos in foap, Dreamstime, Snapwire, eyeEm.


3. YouTube Marketing

Once you think that you have special skills in any subject, start your own YouTube channel. Assuming you create a channel with computer tips and tricks, you should give people true and correct advice on this. If people like your video or solve people’s problems then you will see that people will subscribe, like, share your channel.
You can apply for monetization on YouTube whenever your four thousand hours pass and one thousand + people subscribe. On the other hand, if you have a service or product of your own, you can let people know through your video, so you can easily sell anything.

4. E-Book Business

Once you think that you have special skills in any subject, start your own YouTube channel. Assuming you create a channel with computer tips and tricks, you should give people true and correct advice on this. If people like your video or solve people’s problems then you will see that people will subscribe, like, share your channel.
ebook bsiness

Assuming you know good Facebook marketing or know how to target Facebook’s secret ad interest.

Now you can write about how to find the secret ad interest of Facebook. You will do a thorough analysis of this topic in the ebook, you have created an ebook on a topic, now your main task will be to design the ebook eye-catchy cover as if it can grab people’s attention.
you have lots of options for selling your work as an ebook publisher.
if you go to the search bar of Google and search for “e-book selling website list” then it will show you a huge list of websites as a result.
The two biggest websites are where you can sell your ebooks called Amazon and Epsumo

5. Affiliate Marketing

In this current era, Affiliate marketing is the biggest platform to make six to seven-figure dollars like millions of dollars. You also can make six to seven-figure money if you work with a strategic plan.
For this, you need to have a website. Because when you help a person or visitor understand why a particular product might be right for them at that time affiliate marketing works really best. And it’s possible if you have a website.
If you promote the link or call to action after telling why the product is best for them.
You know, In affiliate marketing you are given a unique link, and if someone clicks on your link through you and someone buy a product or service then you will also get a share of the profit.
Just pick a niche, make a website with a blogger or WordPress/ Wix as a beginner. And sell the unlimited product as much as you want.

6.CPA Marketing

CPA stands for Cost per Action. CPA marketing is such a marketing strategy where an advertiser pays for a specific action taken by its potential customer. for example involves payment for specific actions like clicks, app installs, and lead generation.
The concept of CPA and affiliate is not fully the same but you can say, somewhat similarities are found. Here in affiliate marketing, you have to make sales.
ok, you have understood the concept of CPA. No matter you have no money as a newbie! you can earn through a googles product called blogger, make a free website and write the description about the CPA link in a post and keep a call to action below the post description.
Visitors will take action if you make them understand how they will be benefited from this action.

7. Sell Your Designs Online

You can monetize your service online in several ways. if you love to design like logos, posters, banners, infographics, and much more design you can easily sell in UpWork, 99Design, Fiverr, freelancer, GraphicRiver, etc.

Also, share your demo projects on Instagram, Behance to make your portfolio. It’s a way and if your client is active in this type of platform and if any client loves your design then it’s a huge opportunity to get orders outside the marketplace.

8. Get Advertising revenue from Facebook

Speaking of Facebook, it comes to mind that Facebook is a social media site. But it is also true that Facebook has improved and updated a lot, where you can still earn.
facebook advertising revenue img
We used to know that only YouTube would monetize or pay for videos, you would be happy to know that Facebook also monetizes videos, All you have to do is just create a Facebook page and upload valuable videos that solve others’ problems. You will create videos and people will see your videos easily Facebook will pay you for advertising through your video content also it is free but there are some conditions. If you follow the terms and conditions of FB then you can easily monetize your FB page.

9. Become an Instagram Influencer

In this current era, Companies are using the influencers of Instagram. The people have a large number of dedicated followers to rep their products.
Now a question may be flying above your head how you can be an influencer? In this topic, I would suggest you listen to other influencers’ stories that how they have got so many followers!
I also suggest you pick up the best niche that grows a followers list crazily. For example, you can take motivational, fitness, etc related niches.
Try to maintain consistency on your IG work like the everyday post, reels, story, guest post, video post, etc.
Then One day you can also be an Influencer on Instagram.

10. Pick up a freelance work

You can make money online by doing freelancing work like website design & development, seo, graphics design, data entry, video editing, programming, Digital Marketing, and many more.
You just need to pick up any of these and start working on it. Be an expert on your niche. There are many kinds of websites to do freelancing like UpWork, Fiverr, freelancer, PeoplePerHour, and so on.
Create an account on these platforms and try to bid on the project. Also, create gigs on these websites so that people can easily get by searching your services. After doing your client’s project you will be paid for your work.

11. Online Surveys

Students will be able to earn money online by completing surveys in their spare time. Research companies are always adding new people to answer their surveys. Actually, Everyone can do this.
After a survey, you will get paid!

A few list of survey sites: survey Junkey, Branded surveys, Life Points, i-say, Opinion Outpost, The Opinion Panel, Mingle, Panel Base, Marketgent.


Now you have a good idea of the way you can earn from online. I personally suggest you pick up any of these skills and focus on that as if you can be an expert in your skill.


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