Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research makes the process easier to rank any blog on Search Engines. 

Always you should prioritize the research of keywords to get the best phrases that people are searching on Google or other search engines. 

To get the best phrases and keywords you need tools because keyword research tools simplify your SEO tasks and planning in many ways. They can help find out several keyword ideas, Intent, Search Volume, Competitive research, and many more.

However, If you can do all the processes for free then it’s like a Goldmine! 

You may be one of those who are looking for the best free keyword research tools in one article, Then I’ve got you covered!

Yes! I’ve completed this article with all the free keyword tools to research the best phrases and questions for your content.

Why These Free Keyword Research Tools to Use?

1. Google Auto Suggestions


Google Auto Suggest is a search engine function that delivers guidance/suggestions to searchers as they enter their search query into the search box.

Google Auto Suggest is one most popular search functions that most people use for keyword Ideas. 

Whenever we want to search in Google, perhaps we take the phrase or queries as a search term, at this moment a popup box will appear below. And you can see some related most search queries that people searched on google.

On the other hand, after searching with any queries on google, if you look down to search results you’ll see a section called “People Also Asked.”

This section is also essential to get free keyword Ideas to make great content!

2. Google Keyword Planner

google keyword planner

Google keyword planner helps you research keywords for your needs. It can be used for discovering new keywords, Keywords Monthly Search Volume, Determining costs, and more.

Although the Google Keyword Planner tool is meant or created for advertisers, it has a lot of SEO Advantages. It’s 100% free to use! And it offers a good starting point to find keywords for your content or to get lots of keyword Ideas for your content.

To do that you have to enter your google ads account. Then look for “Tools & Settings” and click on it after that select “Keyword Planner.” 

that‘s the easy process you just need to follow to start your research easily.

3. Keyword Everywhere

keyword everywhere

Keyword Everywhere is a Chrome browser extension that is free to use. Although it has a payment option I think there is no need to go with the payment plan. You can use this tool for free and it is a great tool for nurturing keywords or queries.

After searching with any search query, you will see the “keyword everywhere” box on the right side of the search result, and you will see many search queries, keywords, or phrases as suggestions.

You can use these queries for your keyword Ideas and also these can be used in your content.

4. Google Trends

google trends

Google Trends is a free search trend tool that lets the user see how frequently specific keywords, Phrases, subjects, and terms have been searched on Google over a specific period of time.

Just go to Google Trends and enter a search term or topic to explore how often the search term is searched on google within a certain period of time. 

You can compare keywords with this tool to determine which keyword is performing well.

On the other hand, When you search with a search term in Google Trends you will see below the country selection option which is very useful. This option works great for many bloggers who create content targeting different countries people.

5. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfers

Keyword Surfers is another great Chrome Browser extension that is used to analyze keyword research.

Keyword Surfers is a free keyword research tool that can be used to get keyword search volume. You just need to install this extension after that when you enter any search queries on google you’ll be able to see its estimated search volume as well.

Sometimes we get many keyword ideas and at the same time, we have to see their monthly search volume, in this case, this free SEO tool helps a lot to see the search volume.

However, I also discussed this extension in another article called Free SEO tools of Chrome Extensions.

6. Answer The Public

answer the public

Answer the Public is a keyword tool that shows search queries and offers search suggestions in an image called a search cloud. 

It will show a huge list of search queries that are most searched on search engines related to your queries.

The categories of Answer The Public consist of 5 Ws, plus ‘how’, ‘are’, ‘can’, ‘will’, and ‘which’.

For bloggers who love to write content with long-tail keywords, this free keyword tool is for them. I believe this tool would be worth using!

Another thing to say, It’s a freemium tool. You can research keywords (you can search)Three Times a day as a free plan. However, if you take the paid plan you can do unlimited research.

You will love this free keyword research tool with its question-type keywords that are very helpful for great content.

7. Keyworddit


Keyworddit is a super tool that shows keyword ideas from Reddit. If you are looking for a tool that can give you keywords from Reddit communities then this tool is suitable. But you have to write any subreddits from where you want to get keyword ideas.

For Example, if you want to get keyword ideas from a subreddit called /r/SkincareAddiction, you just need to place/write the name on the search box of Keyworddit then you’ll see a list of keyword ideas with US monthly search volumes.

It’s really a unique free keyword research tool for all. 

8. QuestionDB


QuestionDB is the best free keyword tool for bloggers who want to get their content ideas from the most asked questions on search engines like Google.

QuestionDB is a freemium tool. You can see there are paid plans also but I do not think you should go with a paid plan, you can use it for free.

You can select the question or keyword option as well. 

9. Keyword Tool

keywordtool is a keyword tool that uses googles autosuggestion/autocomplete function to show a list of keyword suggestions for you. 

As we know that Google gets billions of searches every day, So most bloggers rely on google and its users’ behavior like what they are asking and what they are looking for with their keywords. In this case, KeywordTool makes our work easier.

After placing any keyword it shows plenty of related keywords that people have already searched on google with significant search volumes.

So, keywordtool is quite the best tool for you as you are looking for the best free keyword research tools for SEO.

10. Ubersuggest


Ubersuggest is a free-to-use tool that is very specialized in generating keyword ideas with a great list. You will see keywords’ monthly search volume, keyword CPC, and competitors’ data.

Ubersuggest is created by an Entrepreneur called Neil Patel and he is undoubtedly one of the great SEO Specialists.

This free keyword tool will be perfect for you as you are thinking of creating a content plan for your blog website.

11. SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool

semrush keyword magic tool for free keyword research

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO tool that works for keyword research, It tracks the keyword strategies your competition is using very well and looks for backlinking opportunities, Most important SEMrush runs an SEO audit of your blog or website and many more helpful features.

This tool is highly trusted by online marketers all over the world.  You can use its free version. 

They provide 7 days of free trial and you will be able to nurture every feature of this tool.

12. Ahrefs Keyword Generator

ahrefs keyword generator

Ahrefs is another popular all-in-one SEO tool to use. Ahrefs is mainly focused on analyzing a website’s link profile, keyword ranking, and SEO health of a website. But this is not mean you can not conduct keyword research. 

There is a feature for keyword research. Ahrefs is an advanced tool and most advanced marketer uses this tool precisely. 

Being a freemium tool, you get to use it for free for 7 days. Afresh makes work easier for SEO experts.

13. KWFinder


KWFinder is an effective keyword research tool for search marketing. It provides a clean and easy-to-use interface that most researchers prefer.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, this tool is suitable for both. I also like its graphical interface and I think you will also like this free keyword research tool as a beginner.

A Brief Recap of Which is the best free tool for keyword research?

My entire article is about the best free keyword research tools. Here I summarize the best tools again: Google Auto Suggest, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Keyword Everywhere, Keyword Surfer, Answer The Public, Keyworddit, QuestionDB, Keyword Tool, Ubersuggest, SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool, Ahrefs Keyword generator, KWFinder. 

Final Words

I think I have successfully covered all the best free keyword research tools in this blog which are highly used around the world. If you are a beginner in the keyword research field then I would suggest you try all of these one by one to know which one is best and suitable for you. 

Most advanced bloggers or SEO experts work with paid tools to nurture all the features unlimitedly. However, as you are looking for free keyword research tools it’s not a big deal. When you will know the full game of these tools you can easily turn them into paid plans to make your research simpler.

So, Enjoy using these free SEO keyword research tools and create great and helpful content that solves users’ problems and builds your authority. 

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