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Free SEO tools: 20 highly useful Chrome Extensions You Need

Search engine optimization tools always help in a great way to analyze, manage, or review any website. And if that work is done through free tools, then it would be a real goldmine!

It can be said that Whether it is fetching all possible meta tags from a particular website domain within minutes or identifying all crawling issues from a website without having to review and test each URL manually, Free SEO tools have always been a savior to make marketers work easier or save time.

And every time tools play an excellent role in the field of SEO. With their data marketers can define a new marketing strategy.

List of Free SEO Tools: Chrome Extension.

If you search on Google you can find plenty of lists of SEO extensions, but there are no means to use all of these so we’d like to focus on the best and handy tools that you need! in this article, we will talk about the extensions which are very used and you should use them.

Needless to say, these Chrome browser extension SEO tools will definitely give you a better experience with your work.

So, let’s get started…

1. SmilarWeb


SimilarWeb helps to estimate the total visitors/traffic of different websites. You can see competition for traffic sources. You can see geographically on the map which countries are getting the most traffic to the website. You can see where the traffic is coming from, such as direct, search, email, social media, referrals, or display ads.

Basically, SimilarWeb plays a very important role in getting all the information about the traffic of a website

2. Keyword Everywhere

keyword everywhere 1

Keyword Everywhere is a tool that helps you generate a list of keywords.

After searching on Google with any topic you can see on the sidebar a list of keywords generated one by one like short tail or long tail. however, you can copy or download CSV files by exporting them on Google Sheets.

Keep in mind that, with this extension, you can get a list these your keyword-generating Ideas, which you can make a difference from others.

3. SEOquake


SEOquake is undoubtedly a super helpful extension for every time. People enjoy using it due to some of its main qualities like you.

It is an extension that is always maintained and even updated to keep up with the trends so that users get better usability.

You can get In-detailed information about a website with this also Keyword density to Alexa rank. you’ll get lots of things here.

By the way, I have to say, You can get some critical data with SEOquake including below

First: Technical Info

Second: Content

Third: Link Authority

And one thing more if you want more advance reports then you can use the SEMrush paid tool because SEOquake is built by SEMrush company.

You can easily redirect from SEOquake to SEMrush if you want. 

4. Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

pagespeed 1

Google PageSpeed Insights to generate reports about the performance of web pages for both mobile and desktop devices.

It also provides suggestions on how can improve that page.

We know that not every user and search engine likes a poorly loaded site, it has a bad effect on your site. Even search engines will not rank you due to taking the extra load.

So you should increase website speed. The higher the speed of your webpage, the more traffic you are likely to get.

Page Speed ​​Insider gives a website’s performance score. After opening any site, when you start the extension, you will get a report like this. Page Speed ​​Insider will take you to the original website when you click on the “Need More” option to get a better report.

Then you can measure well And by working on the suggestions you can hopefully improve the webpage speed.

 5. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo result

BuzzSumo is the best online extension tool to know how much content gets the most share on social platforms.

also, another great way to find popular content types is to go to BuzzSumo and type in the topic you’re interested in. For example, you might be a consultant helping financial planners generate leads using social media. Look at what’s been the most shared content in that category, or that keyword you’re focusing on.

You can see how many social shares a blog article has received with the Bazzsumo Chrome extension.

High-quality content that gets more shares on social media has a positive impact on search engines, meaning that readers are enjoying the article. As a result, there is a golden opportunity to rank on Google.

After installing the extension it may not work until you connect your Facebook account with it for a basic 30-day of a free trial.

You can see in the above image that after opening a particular article you need to open the BuzzSumo extension so that it can show the result of the number of social shares.

6. Keyword Surfer 

keyword surfer

You might have guessed what it means by its name.

Keyword Surfer is another Chrome extension that is used to perform keyword research. Keyword Surfer is a free tool that can be used to find the most relevant keywords for your website. These keywords are then used to improve the position of your website on the search engine results page (SERP).

  • By typing a keyword in Google, it shows the search volume based on the geographical location of that keyword.
  • Other new features include AI-generated article outlines on the keyword. As in the image below…
keyword surfer 2
  • You just need to click on “Open Article Outline” and then you can get the article outline.

By the way, a keyword surfer is a great tool for keyword research.

7. Free backlink checker by LTR

The Free Backlink checker will help you to know which of your outbound links are broken because the outgoing/external links are a matter of your website. Also, it shows all the unverified links in different categories like Follow or No-follow.

It appears on-page link code browser as if you can see the link source code and find any issues rapidly.

however, this tool would be your solution for all the single outgoing links for analyzing and fixing the issues if necessary.

8. Page Analytics (by Google)

Google page analytics lets you monitor some important parts of SEO like Active visitors, pageview, visitors’ average time spent on a page, and bounce rates.

With this, you can easily take care of your site. As you know website improvement is a matter of search engines that is why Google invented this extension to make your work easier.

There’s no need to visit your Google Analytics account, you can see everything in real-time by just clicking on this wonderful extension.

In other words, You can analyze which page of your website is working well.

9. Meta SEO Inspector

meta seo inspector

Meta SEO Inspector is a Chrome extension that allows you to see how well your meta titles, meta descriptions, and other on-page SEO elements are performing on the major search engines. It also includes other cool features like a WordPress SEO analyzer and a content analysis tool. 

It’s a great tool for anyone who wants to improve their on-page SEO and understand how it impacts their rankings. Because the Meta tag is worth considering thing when it comes to the SEO sector. You can lose your ranking on search engines if you do not optimize Meta tags well. 

Optimizing Content Meta tags is a part of technical SEO.

10. SEO Search Simulator by Nightwatch

search simulator

Well-SEO-optimized content can get a huge amount of traffic to your website from around the globe. You can achieve your desired SEO goal or you may have a complete SEO strategy guideline for higher ranking on SERP But, the number of visits you get from the search engine basically depends on how your webpage ranks in different geographical locations. Because the Search engine shows the search result by geographical location.

The most important thing is you can select the search engine that you want.

However, You may be working on a website SEO project you can easily use SEO Search Simulator Chrome extension to see the webpages ranking position in the Search results.

As an SEO analyst, it is very important to track the website’s ranking for its keywords.

11. SERPTrends

SERPTrends tool lets you track whether your website’s position has changed in the SERPs or not.

in other words, When you check a website’s position on a Search engine like Google or Bing with a keyword for the first time. usually, this extension records its current position for that keyword, and again when you search for the same keyword the next day, the SERPTrends extension compares the ranking position to the previous day’s.

12. SEO Peek

SEO Peek extension is a great free SEO tool that helps you monitor the on-page SEO factors for you or it can be your competitors’ websites. Needless to say, one of its good points is that you don’t need to be familiar with the HTML source code to work with it.

You can get a lot of information such as heading, Link, and Meta tags, which also helps you know the HTTP status.

This browser tool is really the best pick and you should use this extension as it makes your on-page work easier.

13. BuiltWith

BuiltWith extension lets you see what a website is built with.

You can easily use it after opening any website then you just need to activate the BuiltWith extension, It will show all the technologies it can find that were used to create the website.

You can get various kinds of information such as… 

  • the frameworks used to build the website.
  • Implementer Webmaster analytics, and tracking tools. 
  • All the widgets & plugins, CMS(Content Management System), and so on. 

14. Tag Assistant 

Tag Assistant browser extension is a very helpful tool when it installing Google analytics and Tag Manager, it works as a troubleshooter. 

This useful tool plays a troubleshooter for your tracking problems it also helps you ensure that the Google Tag Manager code on your website is properly deployed.

It helps you keep track of all the tags you’ve used on a page and it will suggest you improvement if it finds any kind of tracking problems.

15. Wappalyzer

The Wappalyzer chrome tool is quite similar to the BuiltWith extension.

With this, you can reveal lots of information such as it shows the 

  • CMS   
  • web servers, 
  • eCommerce platforms, 
  • JavaScript frameworks analytics tools, and much more. 

16. User-Agent Switcher

Today technology is much more advanced, A large number of people are scrolling webpage with their mobile phones.

So the point is you are an SEO worker you analyze the performance of your webpage in many ways so it’s necessary to see your website from a different user viewpoint. there is no chance to skip this part. 

You have to change your browser user agent so that you can properly understand how your visitor will experience/see your web page’s mobile version.

17. AMP Validator

The mobile responsive website may load more slowly than the desktop.

Mobile responsive websites take more time to load than desktop. AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages help you load your website fast on the mobile version.

on the other hand, it can be said that AMP Validator works in such a way that users get the best usability and also see all the information very quickly.

it’s a fine SEO tool because Google wants to give the best user experience to its users.

If you activate/run the AMP extension on your site you can easily identify if the web pages are working well for mobile devices or not.

18. Redirect Path

it would be great if you would like to stay your website up-to-date with the technical SEO. In this case, Redirect Path extension plays a great role.

We know that It is very important to keep all the links to our website in working condition. It may also happen that the URL of a webpage needs to be changed for special reasons so for this work we must need a redirect path.

It is a totally useful tool when you delete a particular content URL then you basically want your visitor to land on another working URL as if they do not land on a 404-page. 

this tool would be a helpful tool to land visitors on a working URL.

19. Hunter

Apart from on-page, we need to do off-page seo or link building to increase the authority of our webpage.

If you want to backlink through manual outreach, it may take some time but link building through this process has a higher chance of ranking in the SERPs.

In this case, the Hunter Chrome extension helps to get all correct and valid email addresses from any authority domain of your choice.

When you are looking for your backlinking partner, this tool collects email addresses on click after entering their website.

Then it becomes much easier to get backlink partners by writing and sending a great email

20. Keyword Planner

We usually rank in SERP by writing the best content but before writing this best content you must pick the best keywords. And here comes the keyword planner.

When you search on Google with any keyword then you just need to click on the “KP” icon, It will give you a complete list of related keywords.

The keywords are arranged in a way that looks like a Google Excel sheet. In this case, you can copy or export all keywords.

The most important thing is that every keyword is clickable.

However, this extension can be helpful in making your keyword research process easier.


The free SEO tools of the chrome extension mentioned above will help you in your SEO-related work.

The above list is not all the tools you need to use. I don’t even recommend it. Yes, you should use each tool to understand it well and know which one will work best for you.

indeed, focus on using those tools that will make your SEO work worthwhile.

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