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What is Meta Description in SEO & Why it is So Important

A meta description plays a great role when it comes to impressing searchers and providing a little explanation to search engines about your webpage.

Most people have no idea about meta-descriptions. What is its purpose and why does it need to exist?

In this article, we’ll explain all about Meta-Description besides what makes a perfect meta and why you should have one.

What Is a Meta Description?

A meta description is a short snippet of text or a bunch of words that tells search engines and searchers what your web page is about.

With just a few words here, you can grab your audience’s attention so they click through to your blog and read the entire blog.

A meta-description is a brief description or excerpt of a webpage/blog that shows up when that page is listed on a search results page.

It usually tells the searcher what they need to know about what the page includes and how relevant it might be to their search query.

How does it look & How does it Work?

Let’s say you have a keyword in your mind and you want to search on any search engine like Google. 

For example, If you’re searching with “SEO Strategy Guideline” keywords you’ll see a few blog content ranked with this keyword. 

You will get this concept more easily, look at the photo below…

Meta Description on SERP

You’ll likely see meta descriptions in search results under the title/headline of the webpage or under the URL.

Usually, The content creator writes this description, now if the author forgets to write it or doesn’t write it, in this case, the search engine can fetch the text from the body of the content/webpage to show the meta-description.

What is the Perfect Length of the Meta Description?

You do not need to go crazy thinking about how many characters you should write the Meta-Description. There’s no difficult process for the optimum length of Meta-words. It always depends on the message that you want to show to your reader. 

You can write your message by taking enough space but keep in mind not to take too long or too short.

needless to say, You will see on Google that most snippets are between 120 to 158 characters. From this point of view, It’s recommended to keep your meta description between 120 to 158 characters. 

Again telling you, That doesn’t mean you have to keep it between 120 and 158 characters, it can be less depending on your taste, but keeping it within the limit recommended above is considered best.

How you can See a webpage’s Meta Description?

This is not a hard term to view the meta tag, It’s a simple process. 

To see to Meta Description just open a webpage with any web browser.

Click on the right button of your mouse then you will see a form-box like a popup has been showing after that Click on the page view source option.

See meta description in webpage

After Clicking on the “View Page Source” option you will be able to see a bunch of codes on a page. As you can see in the image below…

Meta Description from View Source page

Here you can see the above Meta-Description more clearly.

<meta name=”description” content=” Boost your online presence with our comprehensive SEO guide. Uncover expert strategies for higher rankings and dominate search results.” />

Why Meta Description is So Important?

Meta Description plays a significant role in your search engine optimization efforts and it’s a part of Google ranking factors.

In this case, This is a crucial matter when it comes to optimizing for SEO.

Meta Description is one of many SEO factors that you can not leave out if you are willing to optimize your content in a proper way that Google likes.

The best thing is Meta tag/description is an opportunity for visitors are search for something on search engines & as a result, your content has been shown on SERP, at the moment this will attract them and your webpage will be more likely to get clicks. That’s why SEO professionals always recommend using meta description tags when optimizing for on-page.

Benefits of meta descriptions

  1. Effective and eye-catching meta-writing will help both users and search engines better understand what your webpage is about.
  1. It increases the click-through rate for your webpage.
  1. The user-friendliness of a web page’s presence in search engine result pages makes users happy.
  1. Properly placing keywords in the meta-description will have a positive impact on your ranking.
  1. It attracts the user’s attention and helps users find the best content/webpage from the search results. 
  1. It looks like an organic ad text.

You must have seen Google Ad and this is what it means when Google often shows the meta-description as a brief explanation of the webpage.

An effective meta description has enormous potential to increase the click-through rate of your organic search results webpage.

How to Write Perfect Meta Descriptions?

An eye-catching and perfect meta-description can give you the best output for your website. So take a look at the following steps to write a better and perfect meta description for your webpage.

  1. Use your focus keyword in meta text. Do not forget to use your focus keywords in the meta-description, It will make your meta text more attractive.
  1. The perfect length: make the meta description between 120 to 160 characters as I have mentioned at the top of this article.
  1. Do not use meta-text that is already used in other content.
  1. When you’re writing meta, focus on using active voice to make it more effective.
  1. Include a call-to-action to encourage your audience to click on it for the full answer.
  1. Do not use any metatext generator.

The advantage of writing a good meta description is that when you start writing for your content or your client, it may take some time to create a perfect meta but day by day you will get it and be able to write a perfect meta. Which is what both search engines and your visitors like.


Why Do You Need Meta Description?

It tells both search engines and their audience a brief explanation of what the webpage is and what the webpage will discuss.

Does meta text matter anymore?

Yes! This has a huge impact on your webpage because of its CTR as it appears in search results.

Can I copy others’ Meta Descriptions?

I would advise not to use others’ metatext. If you do this, it is not considered best practice as an SEO professional.

Does the meta description have to be unique?

Since it plays an important role in attracting both search engines and its audience, In this point of view, should be engaging, descriptive, and unique meta descriptions for each page.

Final Verdict

Hope this article has helped you understand why meta-description is so important.

Overall, a meta description is a significant opportunity to win over readers.

But make sure to create unique, clickworthy, attractive meta-description content for your web pages that positively compels the searcher to choose your content first.

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