Micro Niche Blog Ideas For Passive Income

Blogging is an evergreen platform to earn money online and it is the best way to earn passive income but most newbies make mistakes in choosing the niche.

Because they know it’s quite tuff to attract a large audience so they look for a micro niche that is very easy to cover its audiences’ needs.

With micro-niche you’ll be able to target a specific number of audiences/people. 

By keeping these in mind, I have created this article where you can get multiple best micro niche ideas and scopes to start a profitable blog site that will earn passive income.

So you’ll get over 110 micro-niche topics but you don’t need to start with all the topics, just peek at one among them and start growing!

What is A Micro Niche Blog?

A micro niche stands for a sub-category of a large niche. A micro niche blog website target a specific topic to fulfill a specific number of people’s or groups’ needs. You will find these types of blog sites with content written on small topics to solve people’s specific problems.

Ok let’s take a real-life example like the market of “Beuty” it’s a large market and within this large market/niche you can get lots of sub-niche or subcategories such as Skin-Care, Makeup, and more. These are called micro niches. 

It’s possible to get all the information from a micro niche blog site. 

Pros and Cons of Micro Niche Blog Website

It goes without saying that micro niches have a lot of upsides if you follow a good SEO strategy guide as a result it will turn into a business that can be called a passive income stream.

However, below are some specific pros and Cons:

Pros of Micro Niche Blog Sites

  • Easy to target a particular number of people or audiences.
  • You can promote affiliate links and earn money for each action.
  • You can see your own products.
  • Easy to grow because of being a microblog.
  • You can get all the desired audiences from search engines.
  • You can earn money from advertising networks as another passive income scope.
  • Best of all, You will see LESS competition so you can grow fast!

I just listed a few advantages above. however, There are so many advantages of Blogging or Micro niche blogging. 

Cons of Micro Niche Blog Sites:

  • As it targets a small group of people so you cannot get huge traffic to your blog.
  • Few affiliate programs for microblogs.

110+ profitable micro niche blog ideas To Make passive income

Below you can see all the good micro niche blog website ideas that will make money online through your website also it would be a passive income business.

Best Fitness Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  1. Best Sportswear 
  2. Beginners Fitness & workout
  3. All the Fitness Equipment
  4. Workout at home Coaching
  5. Fitness dieting
  6. Men Fitness
  7. Women Fitness 
  8. Healthy Foods plan
  9. High-Protein Diet 
  10. Weight loss Supplements
  11. Keto Dieting
  12. Fitness Gym coaching
  13. Diet of Low-Calorie
  14. Vegan-Diet

Beauty Micro Niche Blog Ideas

Beauty Micro Niche
  1. Beauty Products for Men’s
  2. Beauty Products For Women
  3. Beauty guides for men/women with different skin tones.
  4. Makeup: You can cover all about Makeup.
  5. Hair Care: you can make a blog for men or women 
  6. Hair Style blog
  7. Skincare
  8. Hair care for a specific place or location/climate
  9. Face Brushes 
  10. Homemade Beauty Tips
  11. Nail Art
  12. Skin Care Products for Mature Women
  13. Korean/Chines People Skin Care 

Food Micro Niche Ideas For Blogging

  1. Cake Recipes 
  2. Chicken Different Recipes
  3. Morning Recipes
  4. Seafood
  5. Vegan-Meals
  6. Pet Foods: Here you can also narrow down like Dog food, Horse, Cat, etc food.
  7. Desserts making 
  8. Chines Foods Recipe
  9. Egg Recipes 
  10. Healthy Food: All about Healthy meals
  11.  Beginners cooking guides

Travel Micro Niche Blog Ideas

Travel Micro Niche
  1.  Budget Friendly Travel
  2. Guides For Beach
  3. City Travel Guide
  4. Hotel Booking 
  5. Travel backpacking
  6. Travel Packages 
  7. Travel Equipment and Gadgets
  8. Traveling to a Specific Place
  9. Family Traveling 
  10. Road Traveling Guides
  11. Eco-Friendly Travel
  12. Travel Photography

Home Decor Micro Niche Topics

  1. Home Equipment and Gadgets
  2. House Cleaning
  3. Home Interior Designing
  4. House Exterior Design
  5. Home Theatre 
  6. Home Organisation
  7. Home gypsum design
  8. Wallpaper 
  9. Wall-Painting
  10. Home Gardening Guide
  11. DIY Home Repairing 
  12. Eco-Friendly Home Building
  13. Room Setting
  14. House Cleaning 
  15. Living Room Decor
  16. Small House Design

Best Technology Micro Niche Blog Ideas

  1. Smart Phones Related Site
  2. Gadget: You can take Trendy Gadget and start blogging
  3. Online Softwares related micro Site
  4. Smart Phone Covers
  5. Electric Vehicles
  6. Computer: Laptop, Desktop 
  7. Apple Products
  8. Drone 
  9. Photography Cameras

Entertainment Micro Blog Site Ideas

  1. Trendy Web Series Information and Reviews
  2. Video Game 
  3. Trendy Memes
  4. Celebrities: Info, Movie, Show 
  5. Comedy Shows 
  6. Gaming Gadgets Blog
  7. Hollywood Movies News

Finance Micro Niche Blogging Website Ideas

  1. Strategies to get out of debt
  2. Insurance Blog
  3. Income Management Tips & Tricks
  4. Passive Income 
  5. Personal Finance 
  6. Retirement Income Scops
  7. Savings Blog
  8. Credit Card
  9. Control your spending habits
  10. Cryptocurrency: This is a very High Demanding Niche For the Current Era.
  11. Income Scops: Creating Mindset for the new income stream
  12. Budget Expenses
  13. Real State Business Tips
  14. Financial freedoms

Health Micro Blog Niche Topics/Ideas

  1. Allergy relief method Tips
  2. Alternative Medicine Suggestions
  3. Healthy Supplement
  4. Healthy Mindsets and Sleep
  5. Healthy Diet and Foods
  6. Meditation: Multiple Technics 
  7. Herbal 
  8. Homemade Medicines
  9. Vitamin 
  10. Treatment of Acne 
  11. Digestion: Tips and Methods
  12. Anti-inflammatory diet and Foods
  13. Digestive Health 
  14. Dental Cares
  15. Stree Blog
  16. Relief from Depression 
  17. Sleep Difficulties or Sound Sleep Tips

Hurray, You’ve got around 113 Micro Blog Niche Ideas for your Blogging Website. One thing to say is that as you’re searching on Google for Micro Niche Topics, Actually, There are numerous Niche Ideas to build a website for an online income scope. The niches above are all demanding and it will be worthwhile to work in one of these micro niches.

What Next

Let’s assume you have taken a Micro Niche from this list and now it’s time to plan for building a successful Blog. 

Here Comes the name of the Domain and Hosting. A domain is the name of your website where Hosting will be the Storage of your site. 

So, you can take service from BlueHost Hosting Provider, Also you can get the Domain from BlueHost. After that, you should choose a CMS Platform to maintain your website. In this case, you can take WordPress CMS.

That’s the way you can move forward!


How To Find Your List of Micro Niche Content Ides

As you’ve selected a micro niche so it’s also mandatory to do keyword research for content. Most Bloggers can’t find the content Ideas but it‘s not an impossible task. 

There are numerous sources where you can get all the best micro niche content Ideas for blogging that will be appropriate and Perfect for you.

Here are some Sources where you can get your desired content.

Google AutoSuggest: As you have taken a niche, you must know some seed keywords of your niche. You just need to place a keyword like “Dog Food” and you’ll see a list of the related keyword is showing below. These are Google’s auto Suggested keywords that people are searching Google.

Google Keyword Planner: It’s a free tool. But there are some limitations. However, You can get lots of Keyword and content Ides for your Blog.

Google Trends: Google Trends is another tool that is free to use. After placing your focus Keyword it will show you whether it is trendy/people are searching or not. Also, it shows plenty of related keywords.


How Do you get a Micro Niche?

First of all, this of a broad Niche then starts Narrow down from the broad niche. For Example, The Big/Broad Niche is Beauty, Now here you have to narrow it down to Skincare, Beauty Products, Makeup, and so on.

Which Micro Niche is performing well?

Actually, For this question I have to say, If you work professionally, work hard, and give your best then any niche will yield good results.

How do you rank or promote your microblog site?

To promote the site to your audience you need to do SEO to rank in Google, and it will be an organic process.

Final Words

Now, It’s confirmed that you’ve got a huge list of profitable micro-niche Ideas to make a passive income. 

It doesn’t matter what niche you have selected for your blogging website. Look at your competitor and think about how you can do better than your competitor. 

Most Important, You have to focus on the intent of your audience, and always help them with your content besides building your authority through top-notch content as it’s a part of E-A-T. Make sure you’re always prepared for research the more you’ll research the more you’ll understand the needs of your audience!

Another thing to say, Do not think too much, just get started pay your full effort in one niche and you’ll see it will bring a great result!

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