E-E-A-T in SEO

What is E-E-A-T in SEO & How to Improve it Properly(8 Steps)

E-E-A-T Stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

In Google’s algorithm, E-E-A-T is one of the special and effective factors.

A lot of confusion is noticed among many users about E-E-A-T. Most people ask what E-E-A-T means. And whether it is necessary for the website.

Again, it can be considered a difficult task to publish content that is considered the best or highest-quality content by both Google and its readers.

But now you don’t have to worry, this article is written with you in mind. It is sure that you will be able to know a lot about EEAT and how to improve EEAT.

So, let’s get started…

What is E-A-T in SEO

E-A-T is one of Google’s many guidelines that Google uses to determine whether any content is helpful/valuable to its audience or readers and should be ranked on Google. It Comes from Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines.

Experience: The level of experience of the content creator or website owner.

Expertise: The person (a content writer) must have professional experience and thorough knowledge of the content.

Authoritativeness: The Content Creator, the content itself, and the website. also, Display the author’s credentials, work title, biography, and relevant experience.

Trustworthiness: The Creator of the content, The website, and the content itself. (For Example, The creator or website has to show users that they can trust the original content creator or company).

Is E-E-A-T a ranking factor?

While E-E-A-T is not a direct ranking factor, it is a crucial concept that Google considers when evaluating the quality of content and websites. Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines (SQRG) emphasize the importance of E-E-A-T, particularly for Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) topics. This means that websites and content related to health, finance, legal matters, and other sensitive areas are held to a higher standard of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

Google’s algorithm doesn’t directly measure E-E-A-T, but it does utilize various signals to assess these qualities. These signals include:

  1. Credentials and Qualifications: Google checks the credentials and qualifications of content creators to establish their expertise. This includes educational background, professional experience, and relevant certifications.
  2. Content Quality and Relevance: Google evaluates the quality and relevance of the content, considering factors like accuracy, comprehensiveness, and engagement. High-quality content indicates expertise and authoritativeness.
  3. Website Reputation and Authority: Google assesses the reputation and authority of the website by examining factors like backlinks, domain authority, and user reviews. A strong reputation suggests trustworthiness.
  4. User Experience and Engagement: Google analyzes user engagement metrics, such as time spent on a page, bounce rate, and click-through rate. Positive user engagement signals indicate that the content is valuable and trustworthy.

While E-E-A-T is not a direct ranking factor, it indirectly influences website rankings through these various signals. By demonstrating E-E-A-T in your content and website, you can increase your chances of ranking higher in Google search results, especially for YMYL topics.

Here is the Google Algorithm Resource reference that discusses the importance of E-E-A-T:

Google Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines: https://support.google.com/websearch/answer/9281931?hl=en

Why Is E-E-A-T Important for SEO?

Google Updated the search quality rating guidelines where Google is focusing more on quality content for audiences. Writers are writing content for search engines like Google, which is not for its readers. In this case, the EAT program has been built to find quality content that focuses on users/readers.

So, Here we can say that the primary priority of E-A-T is to consider the quality of search results of any content. Google has created an algorithm on the topic of ranking that actually handles the rate./quality of the page and offers whether it’s a high or low-quality blog.

why is EAT important for SEO

Google has placed a high value on EAT all the time. It’s clear according to google guidelines that any website content must be Trustworthy, Authoritative, and unique content written by an expert writer. Google has built its robot smarter to determine and find out low-value content.

If you expect your website to rank well in search engines, you must ensure that you have great E-A-T. This means you have expert content creators on your agency/team. as well as you have a trustworthy reputation for being an authority in your industry.

Overall, E-A-T plays a vital role in SEO.

Your E-A-T Checklist with 8 ways to improve your website E-A-T for SEO

Now you have got a better idea about EAT which is not a direct ranking factor but it cannot be left out. 

It plays an essential role in building great content credibility for Google!

Below is a Ten-Step process to help your website become more authoritative and trustworthy to search engines.

1. Author/Writer Info

The E-A-T guidelines suggest that Google wants to know exactly whether the creator of the content/articles published on the website has good knowledge and expertise on the topic.

authore info img

it’s very important to have an info section or content creators about page. If you do not have it yet, there’s no need to panic, you can create it now!

It’s the easy way to make an about us page or our team page.

It will establish expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.

2. Focus on Content

You may have heard the phrase “Content is King”

The more you create content that solves people’s problems the more chance to see your content on the top of the Search Engine Result Page!

Google is offering us some touches of what they assume the high-quality content. 

on the contrary, it has huge importance for SEO and Content marketers.

Before focusing on top-notch content make sure you have chosen the best keywords that people are searching on Google. By the way, you can do  Keyword Research in an advanced way if you read the following article: Keyword Research for SEO: A Quick Start Guide

According to Google’s guidelines, your content should be:

  • Help user to find their desired answer.
  • Well-written content also makes sure there is no grammar and spelling mistake.
  • Created by an expert writer.
  • The written content should make sense plus easy to read.
  • Not to do keyword Staffing.
  • post from an Authoritative website.
  • fulfilled with enough resources for reference, it makes trustworthiness.
  • stay up-to-date regularly. 

These are a few special guidelines among many content optimizations.

However, you can head over to our related Article – SEO-Friendly Content Writing.

3. Expert Writer

Google’s algorithm is much smarter and it wants the best content that can properly answer what audiences are asking for.

 Google always shows the best blog instead of just a good blog.

It’s highly recommended to work with experts in the field to make content that helps users and this way google will trust your blogs.

This might mean working with a person who can:

  • Do work smartly.
  • Expert in industry/field.
  • Do research to create the best content for users.

This is the way you can get great output with top-class expertise, with regular wisdom from creators with real-life working experience is really sufficient.

4. Clarify The Goal of Your Content

What is exactly the main point of your blog?

Most people make mistakes in determining what the point of content is. For example, If your topic is “YouTube SEO” and the answer is simple, then it is better to answer easily, there is no need to increase the length of the content unnecessarily. 

Again, when creating Headlines make the goal of your topic content to be thorough, related to your topic, and specific.

You can take a real-time example in this article you’re getting all the things about E-A-T and the ways to improve your website EAT.

Also, I have seen many content writers who just want to make content longer as if people think there is a lot of information. But, this is not what Google wants. 

Note: It’s suggested to focus on quality instead of quantity.

Needless to say, the length of the article may be longer in some cases to complete the content.

5. References of Resources 

Author credibility is especially enhanced by linking to the right resources.

People rely on real data and they just want to see resources on time to understand the writer and content is reliable.

You can show your audience that you know well on the topic that you have published on the website by linking resources.

However, If you want you can provide references by linking 

With Industry professional’s tweets, Images from your research 

I am giving you the best examples to make the point better like in this article I have referred to the link to Google Search Quality Reader Guidelines while describing E-A-T SEO in detail and also used its photo so that you get the best reading experience and trust.

And this is one of many SEO Strategy Guidelines.

6. Get Mentions on Authoritative Websites

When we talk about E-E-A-T, the “A” stands for “authority” which is probably defined by your authoritative reference.

neil patel mentions on SEJ

If you think that Google will consider you a high authority just by mentioning yourself on any website, then you are wrong.

You must Mention:

  • Those related to your niche site.
  • On the relevant high-authority site.

I would say, this step really works to build Authoritativeness.

7. Your Online Reputation

You should consider your online reputation which means paying attention to it.

Your online trustworthiness is determined by lots of things. Google’s algorithm always focuses on external sources to identify if your audiences can believe you. 

In my opinion, You may have good content but if you don’t have an online reputation, your audience won’t trust you and they’ll leave.

To build a great online reputation you can do many things but I would talk about some key points:

  • Build professional social accounts on various platforms. share tips & tricks on these platforms to build credibility with your audience. ( Plus It’s a way to promote any business)
  • Build your network & get mentioned by industry experts in several posts or blogs.
  • Your business achieved any award you’ve mentioned anywhere.
  • has any expert, famous, professional person, institute, or community made mentioned any needs to your business or team member of your business? If the answer is “YES” then you in the right path!

But there is no need to get frustrated to establish a great brand for your business if you think it does not make any sense with your brand.

But when building a great online reputation make sure your good brand status is not tarnished.

8. Site Maintenance & Security

Your website’s security and Maintenance also play a huge role in enhancing your EAT performance.

Make sure:

  • Your website has the SSL certificate(for example HTTPS)
  • You have connected Google Search Console(GSC) to your website.
  • You do not have any spamming or hacked pages.
  • You maintain and work regularly on your site.

This way google will trust your site!

Final Words

Improving E-A-T for the website is a White-Hat SEO strategy. 

It goes without saying that you should focus on E-E-A-T if you’re willing to show your content at the top of the search results in a great way.

As we all know great content has always the chance to rank well but with SEO pro’s suggestion, if we have great content with E-E-A-T then the content will really boost and will be seen on the top of SERP.

You can use the E-E-A-T guideline to greatly notify the content creation system, this way there is more likely to rank the webpage well on Google. 
Lastly, Do not forget to stay up-to-date with the latest SEO updates every time. As a result, you’ll be able to go through Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

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